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Lake Sunapee Region VNA and Hospice Welcomes New Medical Director

The team at the Lake Sunapee Region VNA and Hospice has welcomed a new medical director to their ranks. Dr. Kristi Saunders passed the required board certification specifically for medical directors and brings passion and experience to the position.

Dr. Saunders previously was the Attending Physician at Genesis Healthcare in nearby Lebanon where she specialized in geriatrics. After the death of her father, she developed a keen appreciation and passion for hospice care. She had been on the faculty of both SUNY Stonybrook and the University of Oklahoma and currently remains as an adjunct professor at Franklin Pearce College in New Hampshire.

She has helped and contributed to many causes and groups not only just in the state, but around the world, being a member of on the Board of Himalayan Health Care.

Now the Lake Sunapee Region VNA and Hospice was a host location for our other show, the Kearsarge Chronicle so if you would like to learn more about what they do and hear from members of Dr. Saunders’s team, you can find interviews on the Kearsarge Chronicle YouTube page. We congratulate Dr. Saunders on this prestigious position.

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