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Rare Supermoon Eclipse Happening Sunday; We Want Your Photos!

This Sunday, turn your eyes to the sky and you’ll see a sight to behold. A super harvest full moon will be occurring, but no, this is not your regular full moon. Residents of Planet Earth can expect a total eclipse of the full blood moon, which will cover about half of the Earth, most notably in North and South America.

The moon will also appear the biggest it ever has in 2015 as this Sunday is also the day that the moon will be closest to Earth. Because of this, the event is being called a “supermoon eclipse” which sounds somewhat apocalyptic, but don’t worry. This is the first time this sort of eclipse has happened since 1982 and won’t happen again until year 2033.

Now you may be wondering, when can I see this? It is predicted to occur around 9 PM Sunday night and around 9:30 it may have a blood red color to it. If you see this spectacular spatial event and take a photo of it, send it to us! You may just see it on television next week.    

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