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Debate Over Controversial Stevens HS New Schedule Continues

The saga continues into the new controversial class schedule at Stevens High School. The Claremont School Board has responded to a cease and desist order sought by the union representing the district’s teachers, filing an objection with the New Hampshire Public Employees Labor Relations Board.

An arbitrator had ruled in favor of the union back in June, saying that the schedules violates the collective bargaining agreement between the union and district. But board chair Richard Seaman told an audience at Wednesday night’s school board meeting that the decision was unenforceable because state law deems scheduling solely under the district’s discretion, and is therefore not subject to bargaining.

Under the new schedule, faculty teach all six of their classes over the entire school year on alternating days, whereas in years past, faculty taught three classes per semester over a two-semester school year. Classes were also reduced from 90 to 75 minutes.

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