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1 Comment on New London Workforce Panel #2

  1. Gina Vitale // 2022-11-10 at 8:32 PM // Reply

    As a former resident in the area and property owner, It is a disconnect between what has been a issue for several years, yet all of a sudden it becomes important when funding supports incomes for workforce housing.
    When your community talks about housing, why have you waited for so long and how do you determine affordable?
    Why doesn’t this community foster high paying jobs?
    That is the root of the problem.
    What makes your policy management team understand the community when you talk about social issues?
    When will the the community members have a chance to express their opinions?
    Why now. does New London, care when cannot and have not been able to afford housing? Why have not this area considered Sustainable Community Housing?
    I think that the agendas of the stakeholders have to be considered.
    It sound like your participants have not had the education, like I have.
    They are not well prepared and do do well at the income issue and no one is asking where or how the workers want to live!
    I am an upcoming UMASS graduate in areas of Sustainability in Environmental Public Health Systems
    This presentation is scattered and not knowledgeable about community building and they do more to serve themselves and what have you done done for equality?
    I see that this area has not been progressive in changing the game-it’s not about builders-the area has a great potential and community input is needed
    Why are you not talking to your workers or potential potential workers?
    Collaboration and Innovation are key to moving forward.

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