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Vermont Wrap with Keith Hanson 9/14/18

On this week’s Vermont Wrap with Keith Hanson, Keith takes a look at Criminal Justice in Vermont. Then he goes over some safely tips for junkies that the VT Department of Health recommends. Plus he takes down a claim that the majority of Vermonters support Gov. Phil Scott’s gun control.

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  1. Omg. Yes alot of us were not happy that they let that guy walk..it happens more then you know.. IE..a business owner in our so lovely town.. I guess none of can ne surprised since drug deals go down right around the corner from the police station..Gun sense has her because of her problem with domestic violence and a gun?? Well there are those of us who have been in domestic violence situations where a gun was invovled and we support people who are fighting for our rights to have guns.. Using a domestic violence situation to further their cause is horrible.. And the woman from the mail bag must be a stern supporter

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