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YCN Vermont Wrap with Keith Hanson 8/24/18

On this week’s YCN Vermont Wrap, Keith takes a look at voter turnout in the Green Mountain State, commenting on the relatively high turnout for this years primary, and why it’s not nearly high enough. Plus he discusses political discourse in this country, specifically as it relates to online harassment and death threats allegedly received by Democratic Candidate for VT Governor Christine Hallquist. All that plus much more on this week’s YCN Vermont Wrap with Keith Hanson

3 Comments on YCN Vermont Wrap with Keith Hanson 8/24/18

  1. I think you know shit. Our vote doesn’t count. Look at our presidential elections. The people who voted lost there vote. Thanks to the electoral votes who I guess is my vote. So my vote and all others have no vote.

  2. Keith Hanson // 2018-09-01 at 2:47 PM // Reply

    Paul… nowhere in that rambling, incoherent comment is there even a central point, let alone a succinct, articulate and clearly-stated argument. Thanks for playing, but… you lose.

  3. Right on about the ‘victimization’ !

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