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YCN Vermont Wrap with Keith Hanson 7/21/18

On this week’s YCN Vermont Wrap, Keith recaps the news of the week, including a problem with VT Taxes, and the reduction of charges against Jack Sawyer. Plus Keith speaks with Carlene Griggs Smith, a former volunteer for Keith Stern’s campaign for VT Governor, and why she is no longer supporting the candidate.

2 Comments on YCN Vermont Wrap with Keith Hanson 7/21/18

  1. Sarah Toscano // 2018-07-21 at 7:19 PM // Reply

    Keith is a genuine person with terrible representation.
    Unfortunately humans are judged by the company they keep.
    I hope we can still save the campaign-
    John Rodgers is not a solution, he is still a dem who is running for his senate seat.

    • Sarah… I’m assuming you are referring to Keith Stern and not Keith Hanson.

      A quick check of the campaign finance records shows Keith Stern has paid his Becca Bailey, his “campaign manager” over $45,000 since December, which has garnered him a handful of “meet-n’-greets” with attendees numbering in the 20s, and a Facebook page with just over 2,700 followers, and Twitter account with 75 followers. Keith Stern has literally handed over $42k of his own money into a woman who sees him as nothing more than an easy mark. Baily and Hight have literally stolen this money from Stern. Meanwhile, they’re BOTH pimping out their own NH State Representative races rather than providing services they’re being paid to perform.

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