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YCN Vermont Wrap with Keith Hanson 6/16/18

On this week’s YCN Vermont Wrap, Keith recaps some news from the week, including VT Governor Phil Scott’s veto of the budget, sending Vermont closer to a government shutdown. Also Keith speaks with Vermont State Senator John Rodgers who represents the Essex-Orleans District, and who is running a grass roots campaign for Governor of the state of Vermont. Keith asks why this Democrat is getting serious support, even from some conservatives.

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  1. ROBERT F VEVERKA // 2018-06-16 at 7:50 PM // Reply

    John Rodgers, do you know any good , not corrupt state cops in the state of Vermont. I’m having a problem with 2 of my neighbors, one is Jack , he lives at 13 French Hill Road in Underhill, I walk to my mail box and this guy threatens to shoot me or cause me bodily harm. The other Bill Fulton is another problem, also a trespasser and threatens to harm me or my wife. Bill lives at 43 Cloverdale Road. These 2 guys are convicted Felons. My name is Bob Veverka a FEDERAL PROSECUTOR all my life, I have a case against them and others, FEDERAL court, BLUE STAR Docket. I won’t have my service revolvers for another week, maybe you can help and speed this up. thanks, BLUE CHILD

  2. VermontforJohnRodgers.com for more on Johns positions. We are writing the senator in for Governor in the August 14th Democratic Primary.

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