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Warner Roundabout nears completion

The roundabout just off of I-89’s exit 9 in Warner, New Hampshire is on schedule to be completed by the end of the month. The construction company in charge of the project told YCN News that with the good weather during the last couple months,  it has moved along at a better than expected pace.

Clyde Carson, a Warner Selectman noted on his legislator’s Facebook page that “Market Basket provided a generous donation to the Town, which allowed the town to get it done this year.” There is still some contentiousness in Warner about the roundabout, its cost and whether it was the right solution to the traffic problem at that intersection.

Traffic circles and roundabouts exist in Europe by the thousands but are just recently taking hold in the United States. It is noted that AARP’s transportation policy calls for converting signals to roundabouts. The AARP policy rests on sound data — while a quarter of all US highway fatalities occur at intersections the percentage of seniors is over 50%.

Just a reminder to our viewers that when exiting a roundabout you should use your signal allowing cars waiting to move onto it.

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