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Claremont Officials Set to Examine Timber Harvest at Arrowhead

Here in Claremont, city officials are planning to examine the upcoming timber harvest at Arrowhead Recreation Area. As with any proposed timber cut in Claremont, the city council and the conservation commission meet to discuss the plan of action.

The Eagle Times says that both groups will be meeting on Monday at 5 PM to discuss the harvest site at Arrowhead, which is home to around 190 acres of forest managed by the city’s parks and rec department. The 190 acre plot includes the open ski slopes of the mountain but the wooded area is home to many different types of trees.

This latest timber harvest project is part of a 10-year forest management plan that is a little less than halfway complete and has already provided the city with over half a million dollars in profit. The logging is done in a beneficial way in that it removes hazard trees and thins out dense thickets, which allows new trees to grow and prosper.

Residents have voiced concerns over logging at Arrowhead, most notably property abutters, but the public review will hope to mitigate any concerns over busy logging roads and property damage.

The project won’t move forward until a meeting is held with property abutters.

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