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Claremont Cannon More Significant and Rare Than One May Think

Written by Kurt Wehde

CLAREMONT – It’s not uncommon in area towns to see old cannons or artillery pieces as a symbol of not only our region’s history but our nation’s involvement in several international wars and many local veterans. However, one piece in particular in Claremont has a lot more history and significance to it than one may think. As a self-proclaimed history buff with a specialty in World War II, I now bring you this special look at one of Claremont’s most interesting historic features.

I should note that if you’re a fine scale modeler, this piece serves as a great real-life reference for painting or detail work. Again, it’s really something to see a cannon that was once greatly feared around 70 years ago simply sitting passively and harmless here in the city. I do recommend that you check it out. And that concludes our history lesson for today!


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