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Meriden Fire Department Receives FEMA Grant for New Truck

The Meriden, NH Fire Department recently received a grant from FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to design and customize a new fire truck to replace their Engine 1, which has been running since 1982. In an article by a Kimball Union Academy student, it is explained that the department was awarded $320,000 following a series of proposals that have been going on since mid 2014. Engine 1, now outdated, is a tanker that transports roughly 2,500 gallons to any scene of emergency.

The new machine will carry less water, but will have room for an extra firefighter and will be the first vehicle on the scene, followed by Meriden’s Engine 2. After being awarded the grant by FEMA, the FD put together a “Truck Committee” to plan for the acquisition of a new truck and what exactly they wanted from it.

The group traveled to nearby Ascutney to view one of their engines and identify features that they would like to see on their new Engine 1. The new truck will be ordered in special segments and may join the fleet next summer, alongside an existing second engine, ladder truck, and utility vehicle.

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