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Board Rules in Approval of Parking Variance for BJ Bricker’s

The closed restaurant on Claremont’s Washington Street called BJ Bricker’s is getting even closer to possibly reopening, following a long discussion on parking. Claremont’s Zoning Board of Adjustment this week agreed to approve a parking variance that will the restaurant to operate with fewer parking spaces than initially required.

The Eagle Times explains that during the board’s regular meeting this week, it unanimously approved the variance request for the closed restaurant that is owned by the Gertrude Holl Revocable Trust. The restaurant was placed under violation of a zoning ordinance regarding parking when a 50-year easement with Claremont Plaza Associates expired in 2013.

However, the restaurant closed that year in light of a familial dispute. The parking lot for the restaurant would operate within roughly 80% of its original size and the board agreed to pass the variance provided that a fence be erected between the restaurant lot and the CPA lot.

Although some may hope the restaurant reopens, one of the restaurant’s trustees says that he may rent or sell it before trying to open it back up.

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