Claremont Driver Involved in Fatal Crash Pleads Not Guilty

Regarding a Claremont woman who was the driver in a fatal accident earlier this year on Main Street, 36-year old Amber King pleaded not guilty to negligent homicide as well as charges of second-degree assault and two counts of aggravated driving under the influence. All charges are felony charges and she stood in Sullivan County Superior Court to answer to them yesterday.

On April 23rd, King was behind the wheel of a 2005 Jeep Cherokee with three other passengers when the car struck an embankment on Main Street near Tractor Supply Company.

The car was traveling around 91 miles per hour and the vehicle flipped after hitting a utility pole on the embankment. King and her husband, 35-year old Jacob King, were trapped inside the vehicle and had to be extricated by firefighters using hydraulic tools. 37-year old Jody Metcalf and another passenger, Amanda Grasso, were ejected from the vehicle, with Grasso landing in the Sugar River.

She was later pronounced dead. King had allegedly used heroin, cocaine, marijuana, Suboxone, and an anti-anxiety drug in the weeks and days leading up to the accident and was reportedly under the influence of drugs when the accident occurred.

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