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Multiple People Indicted in 2015 Charlestown Home Invasion

An update in the court case of two local men who were involved in a break-in of a Charlestown home last year: 41-year old Jeffrey Buzzell of Claremont and 32-year old Jamie Stevens of Newport were in court last week and stood in front of a grand jury for several charges related to a break-in they committed in May of last year where they stole jewelry and valuables from a Charlestown home. They answered to charges of burglary, theft, second-degree assault, and receiving stolen property.

The Valley News reports that these charges are on top of an existing set of three indictments of Buzzell in June, including the charge of assaulting a prisoner, having tied up one of the homeowners during the robbery. Buzzell’s wife, Sarah Carr, has been charged with conspiracy to receive stolen property after authorities intercepted calls made from prison, in which Buzzell was serving on an unrelated charge.

The calls instructed Carr on how to find a stash of the stolen goods, which police found. In addition, 49-year old Sherry West of Claremont was also indicted on charges of conspiracy to receive or possess stolen properties.

All four are facing various sentences and so far, Carr has pleaded guilty with a 12-month sentence.

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