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Chocolate Test Kitchen Opening Up on Claremont’s Union Street

A Kentucky-based chocolate producer has had their plan for an experimental test kitchen to be set up on Claremont’s Union Street. One of the many staples of our region is the delicious maple syrup and the chocolate company hopes to experiment with maple and possibly introduce new concoctions into its main product line.

The Eagle Times reports that the city’s Planning Board unanimously approved the special use permit for the 40 Union Street location that would act as a test kitchen and may have some sort of retail component, but that is not the main focus.

The chocolate company, Deglace LLC, had a representative speak on behalf of the headquarters in Louisville, saying that they hope to experiment with local products for new chocolates.

The building was built in 1833 and has stood vacant for a while, offering up around 10,000 feet of space. The building is part of Claremont’s historic downtown and the board’s approval works to further efforts to revitalize the downtown and bring businesses back to empty storefronts.

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