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Charlestown Man Killed After Trapped Under Car in Moody Park

Tragic news out of Claremont as a Charlestown man is dead after being trapped under a car in Moody Park. Claremont Police say that a 37-year old man was pulled out from underneath a vehicle in Moody Park Sunday. Emergency crews who responded were there on reports of someone being trapped under a car near Maple Street that was off of the roadway leading into the park.

Authorities found the man underneath the car, as reported, and the Claremont Fire Department assisted in lifting the car off of the victim, who was found unresponsive. He was declared deceased and it appeared that he had died before the car was lifted off of him.

An initial investigation revealed that the man may have been working on his vehicle from underneath and the devices holding the car up gave way, causing the car to fall on him. After notification of family members, the victim’s name was revealed as 37-year old James M Dearborn from Charlestown, New Hampshire. The case is still under investigation.

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