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Dartmouth College Partnering in Pilot Bike-Share Program

Anyone who’s attended a college or university must remember walking back and forth relentlessly between classes, dorm rooms, dining halls, student centers etc. But for those who ever used a bicycle to make such a trip knows how useful they can be on a college campus. Dartmouth College is now the next school to look into a bike share program on campus to provide students a resource to assist in following their daily schedule and possibly reducing the number of last minute sprints to class.

Beginning this fall, according to Dartmouth News, the college is partnering with Zagster, a bike-sharing company that will make 50 bikes available at eight different locations around the college, including Sachem Village.

The bikes won’t be available for free and instead, students will have the option to take part in a $6 daily membership or a $20 annual membership which provide unlimited bike rentals for up to an hour each day.

Some of the rental stations include Baker-Berry Library, the Tuck School of Business, and the Leverone Field House. This pilot program will last for two years and officials hope it will improve campus life in many regards.

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