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Claremont City Council Agrees on New City Manager Salary

As the search for Claremont’s new city manager continues, the City Council has agreed on a new salary for the incoming manager. They plan to advertise the position with the salary out in the open and on the table, hoping to attract more potential candidates that way.

The Eagle Times says that the city council has voted on compensation of up to $135,000, up from the roughly $100,000 that current city manager Guy Santagate currently makes. The salary and the idea to put it out in the open as part of the listing was proposed by MRI Municipal Resources out of Meredith, NH, the firm hired by the city to help look for a new city manager.

Council members looked at salaries of city managers in other towns and cities in the state and found that Santagate’s current salary is on the lower end of the spectrum.

Santagate, who is the longest serving city manager in the city’s history, having served 15 years, announced his retirement in December last year, which will take place at the end of this year.

The City Council has been anticipating this inevitable announcement and has been looking into filling his spot since 2013. MRI’s services will cost the city more than $15,000.

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