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Sullivan County Judge Sides with State Regarding Croydon

In a case that was considered resolved earlier this year, a local official has echoed the state’s ruling regarding Croydon’s use of public funds for private school tuition. WNTK Radio says that on Friday, Sullivan County Superior Court Judge Brian Tucker ruled that students from Croydon who attend the private Newport Montessori School will not have their tuition paid for by public taxpayer money.

This ruling reflects a veto by Governor Maggie Hassan of House Bill 1637 in June, which would have allowed students to attend private schools on public funds, part of school choice.

The State Board of Education determined that students attending private schools on public money might not be receiving adequate education or reaching certain state education requirements. The state had filed an injunction against Croydon last year when it was found that four students were attending the Newport private school on public taxpayer money.

Now, following the state and Judge Tucker’s ruling, that tuition money must come out of the parents’ own pockets.

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