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Debris Cleanup Underway of Destroyed Yankee Village Motel

What may have been an eyesore for many along Vermont’s Route 5 is finally being cleaned up by construction crews. The wreckage of the Yankee Village Motel in Ascutney, which was destroyed by a fire in late April, is being removed by Tom Call Excavation from Perkinsville, Vermont. The work has been underway throughout this week and crews anticipate it will be done by early next week.

The fire that destroyed the Yankee Village Motel was started by an 8-year old boy playing with a lighter behind the building. He accidentally started a blaze in the dry leaves that spread to the building and surrounding woods. The fire spread to the entire building and took crews from every nearby town a few hours to knock it down. The child confessed to the Ascutney fire chief that he had started the blaze and he will not face charges because of his age.

There were several occupants in the building at the time who were displaced and online crowdfunding has helped support at least one displaced resident.

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