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Stevens High School Ordered to Revert to Block Schedule

A development in what has been a turbulent time for Stevens High School in Claremont in regards to its schedule: late last week, the state’s Public Employee Labor Relations Board ruled that the school stop implementing their new A/B classroom schedule and go back to their former block schedule. The A/B schedule was adopted last year to allow students to succeed more in their core classes by offering four classes on A days and four other classes on B days throughout the year.

The block schedule simply required that students take four classes per semester. However, once the A/B schedule was adopted, there was immediate feedback and following last week’s ruling by the state, the school district plans to take their case to the state’s Supreme Court in support of the A/B schedule, according to The Eagle Times.

The legal battle may be lengthy and with the school year picking up again in the fall, students will use the block schedule as school administrators work out the finer details of the appeal and how the daily schedule should be set.

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