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State Rules in Favor of City of Lebanon in Airport Case

Looming on a hill above the city is the Lebanon Airport, which has been the discussion of the state’s Supreme Court for the last decade and especially as of late. Now, the state has decreed that the City of Lebanon did not break a lease agreement with Signal Aviation Services when it increased its property assessment.

The Valley News says that Signal Aviation Services filed a claim in 2006 when the city raised the company’s property assessment by 11 times the original amount, thus raising taxes. The claims against the city stated that as part of the lease agreement, the tax rates should be the same as other airport businesses.

Signal Aviation, now known as the Granite Air Center, is responsible for fuel and maintenance, among other services, to the Lebanon Airport’s customers. The decision from the NH Supreme Court came last week, which finally puts to bed the ten-year-long tax dispute.

The city has expressed their satisfaction with the decision that they did not break the lease agreement, which stands to confirm their statement that all city taxpayers are treated fairly and equally.

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