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Morning Car Accident in Sunapee Causes Road Closure

Drivers in Sunapee who use Elm Street had to make a minor detour Thursday morning following a motor vehicle accident. Around 10:30 AM, a car parked in the Sunapee Post Office parking lot rolled down a grassy hill and across Elm Street. It came to a rest after hitting the corner of a garage owned by Gary Summerton. The Summertons did not appear to be home at the time of the incident. Both Sunapee Fire and Police responded to the incident and a AAA flatbed truck arrived to remove the damaged vehicle from the scene, which was a red Subaru Forester.

Damage to the car appeared to be minor, with the left rear wheel being knocked out of alignment and the front fender taking some damage as well. Damage to the Summerton’s garage appeared minimal as well, with the corner of the building losing some siding, leaving the insulation hanging out.

At the time of the crash, the car was occupied by an elderly couple and both were transported by ambulance to New London Hospital. Elm Street was reopened to traffic at around 11:10 AM.

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