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Claremont’s Topstone Mill Building Vandalized and Robbed

The Topstone Mill building on Claremont’s Mulberry Street was vandalized and robbed just recently. The historic building houses the Time-Out Americana Grill, owned by Claremont council member Nicholas Koloski, which had six patio seat cushions stolen by the vandals, who also smashed a large glass window. There were two incidents, reported on Sunday and Monday, which are being regarded as suspicious activity, criminal mischief, and theft.

According to The Eagle Times, Koloski was sitting outside on Saturday when two men approached him and tried to take the patio seating out from under him. When confronted, they began trying to enter the building from the rear but eventually left. On Monday morning, Koloski found that six patio cushions, totaling around $230, had been stolen, presumably by the same group.

Police are investigating the Topstone Mill robbery and vandalism as well as other crimes reported recently on Durham Avenue, Little Lane, and West Pleasant Street. If you know anything in any of these cases, please contact Claremont Police at 603-542-9538.

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