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Claremont DMV Set to Move to Nearby Newport Later This Year

Drivers wanting to pick up a renewed driver’s license or wanting to take their actual driving test at the DMV may now have to drive a little further, or closer, depending on where you live. Claremont’s Department of Motor Vehicles office will be moving to nearby Newport, citing the difficult parking situation on Water Street as a reason to move to a more accessible location. The state announced Thursday that they will be moving the office after having received multiple complaints about the parking at the Claremont location.

The DMV placed an advertisement to search for a new location last year and the one response came from Sugar River Savings Bank, who owns the building at 20 North Main Street. The DMV acted on the response and agreed to move into the 3000 square foot property. An office in Lebanon closed in 2011, forcing Upper Valley residents to travel south to Claremont.

Now, they will instead have to travel down I-89 to Newport, which promises a better parking situation. Tentative plans so far detail that the move may be completed later this year, after October.

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