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New London Police Rescue Abandoned Bear Cub

The New London Police Department is proud to have saved an abandoned bear cub this past weekend. Around 10:00 AM on Saturday, police began receiving calls about a bear cub emerging from the woods on Seamans Road. When police arrived, the bear had gone back into the forest but would occasionally come back out over the next few hours.

Eventually, they were able to capture it using a dog pole, which is a long pole with a noose at the end used for catching stray dogs. The cub was observed to be underweight and appeared to have been without its mother for a few days.

The bear was brought to the police station and then to a licensed rehabilitation center in Lyme owned by wildlife biologist Ben Kilham. New London Police told YCN that when they got the bear to the refuge, it managed to escape and it took about an hour to chase it down.

The bear cub will remain at Kilham’s home for 18 months before being released into the wild once again.

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