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Springfield Man Held Without Bail for Choking Pregnant Woman

A Springfield, Vermont man has been ordered held without bail after allegedly choking a pregnant woman to the edge of unconsciousness. 24-year old Joshua VanHise pleaded innocent this week to a felony charge of first degree aggravated domestic assault. Police say that VanHise admitted to grabbing a woman by the throat and tossing her cellphone into the toilet to prevent her from calling authorities to help.

When police arrived, the woman explained that they had become engaged in an argument over VanHise’s reckless driving and a physical altercation erupted from the verbal argument.

An affidavit says that he knocked her over, sat on her chest, and used both his hands to choke her. The woman was described as being 12 weeks pregnant and may have lost consciousness. Both VanHise and the woman showed signs of a struggle on their bodies, with scratch marks, bruises, and bite marks.

In Windsor Superior Court this week, VanHise was ordered held without bail as the presiding judge viewed him as a threat to both the public and to the woman. As the charges stand, VanHise faces a maximum sentence of up to 16 years in prison.

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