Rockingham Board Approves Purchase of Two New Fire Trucks

Fire crews in the Rockingham area will now be able to fight fires better with two new fire trucks. After much discussion over several Selectboard meetings, including the most recent one last week, the board has approved the purchase of two new fire trucks.

The Brattleboro Reformer reports that Saxtons River will have up to $250,000 to purchase a new truck while the Volunteer Rockingham Fire Department will have up to $295,000 to purchase one of their own. The Selectboard has been weighing the options on which vendors to use for the purchases and received bids, which were noted to have come in lower than the approved prices.

The discussion around the purchases mentioned that town voters had approved $500,000 for the new trucks at Town Meeting, but the two purchases would be going over that amount. The town’s surplus would be able to cover the remainder. Besides trucks, other equipment was discussed based on firefighters’ needs, including a Jaws of Life hydraulic tool.

Ultimately, the Saxtons River department is set to receive a new thermal imaging camera following the approval of the $12,000 purchase from the board.

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