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Lebanon Presents Future Downtown Projects to Community

Lebanon, New Hampshire city officials have presented the results of community surveys for improvements to the downtown. Thursday night at the Lebanon Opera House, community members and city officials met to discuss the new vision for the downtown, scheduled to take place over the next 15-20 years.

The Valley News reports that there will be multiple improvements as the result of community surveys over the past few weeks, including a proposed parking garage behind city hall, a new rotary on the corner of the green where School Street feeds in, and the restoration of the rail tunnel for pedestrians and bikes.

In addition, traffic may become two-way on West, South, and East Park Streets, which, coupled with new rotaries, will allow motorists to turn around without having to travel around the entire green.

All of the information and feedback that has been gathered so far for the plans will be put into a final report to move the city forward. A private developer from Massachusetts would take the reigns on the projects, if all approved.

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