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Mt. Ascutney Celebrates 50 Years of Hiking the Local Mountain

As far as weather goes, this past Memorial Day weekend was beautiful, with sun on Saturday and Monday, and some nice cooler temperatures on Sunday. The weather spelled perfect conditions for hiking or other outdoor activities, and one local mountain, in the fact the biggest mountain in our immediate area, celebrated 50 years of hiking up its slopes.

Both hikers and members of the Ascutney Trail Association hiked up Mt. Ascutney on Saturday for stunning views of the surrounding area and to enjoy a picnic to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the annual Ascutney Day Hike.

The ATA was formed originally in 1904 under the moniker the Ascutney Mountain Club, which was revived in 1967 and became what it is today.

The group is home to 300-500 members and the directors supplied lunch for all hikers who climbed to the Stone Hut site on Saturday. The ATA maintains three trails on the mountain, including the Weathersfield Trail, the Windsor Trail, and the Brownsville Trail.

A fourth, the Futures Trail, is overseen by Ascutney State Park. Stay tuned for Thursday to see a feature on the Weathersfield Trail.

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