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Newport Guidance Counselor Found Guilty of Indecent Exposure

A Newport guidance counselor has been found guilty of multiple counts of indecent exposure, but won’t serve jail time. Court records say that 44-year old Thomas Mauzy was found guilty on seven counts of indecent exposure during his one-day bench trial in Newport district court on Tuesday.

Given his lack of a criminal record and his attorney arguing that his career has been ruined, the presiding judge sentenced Mauzy to seven years in jail, one 12-month sentence for each charge, but he won’t have to actually serve them. Instead, the sentences were suspended provided he remain on good behavior for the next two years as part of a probation period.

Mauzy turned himself in to authorities in January when an arrest warrant was placed on him after his neighbor reportedly saw him saw him naked in his bedroom multiple times as she got into her car to go to work.

At the time of his arrest, he was released on $10,000 personal recognize bail and he was placed on administrative leave from the Newport School District, pending the court case results. School officials have said that his future employment is dependent on his state certification and what the school board decides.

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