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Man Arrested for Meth Production Sentenced in Plea Deal

54-year old Bradley Ames was in Sullivan County Superior Court on Friday, answering to the felony charge of conspiracy to commit manufacture of methamphetamine.

He pleaded guilty to the charge on April 14th, after having been arrested in late March after an incident where he drove to Valley Regional Hospital and nearly hitting a pedestrian in the parking lot.When approached, he became enraged when asked if he was using meth and police later executed a search warrant on his 29 School Street Home, discovering evidence of meth manufacture.

Court records say that Ames was given one year in jail with drug treatment, three years probation upon release, and a $500 fine, all part of a plea deal.

Without the plea deal, Ames would have faced up to 30 years in prison with a half million dollar fine. The presiding judge was also given an invoice of around $9300 for cleanup costs of the property, including chemical testing, which is not yet complete.

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