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Santa’s Land Not Reopening, Potential Buyer Unable to Purchase

Santa’s Land in Putney, Vermont will not be reopening, despite the hard efforts of one local woman and committed supporters. In March, it was announced that C.S. Wurzberger of Marlboro, Vermont was trying to fundraise to reopen the park as a “Rare Breeds Zoological Park”.

The Brattleboro Reformer reports that Wurzberger had until May 1st to come up with $375,000 to purchase the park from the property owners, but was only able to raise around $24,000. In addition, the cost of needed repairs to the park added up to more than $500,000. She had hoped to ditch the Santa theme and instead wanted to expose kids and adults to all different types of native rare animals that you might not encounter at a traditional zoo.

Although her hopes of reopening Santa’s Land were unable to be fulfilled, she plans to host endangered animals on 13 acres of land at her personal property and bring them to schools and libraries to educate people on rare animals in our area.

Santa’s Land closed in 2011 and had gained a bad reputation over the years for how they treated animals on the premises.

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