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UVHS Partnering with Local Businesses for Fundraising Events

Recently on YCN News, we brought you a look at a local animal shelter and how adopting an animal not only affects their life, but can drastically improve your own and provide happiness. Even if you don’t adopt, even helping out your local shelter can be a gratifying experience.

One of the biggest shelters in our area, the Upper Valley Humane Society, is holding an event Wednesday at Margaritas in Lebanon, where if you tell the restaurant that you’re there for the humane society, 20% of your bill will go towards the shelter. They are also holding another event the day after so we caught up with Ayeshah Al-Humaidhi, the executive director, to tell us more.
If you’d like to adopt a furry friend from the Upper Valley Humane Society, stop in at 300 Old Route 10 in Enfield, New Hampshire to browse the many pets; there’s always one for everybody!

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