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Claremont City Manager Proposes Budget to Cut Taxes

Town officials in Claremont are now examining a proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2017 that would save residents a pretty penny on their municipal taxes. City Manager Guy Santagate has proposed a budget for $16.95 million that would cut nearly $750,000 from the amount requested by the Public Works Department for projects this year. However, there is a tradeoff, as the taxpayers would pay one percent less for municipal taxes for the next year.

The Eagle Times reports that Santagate has expressed that although the Public Works Department’s request for that amount is valid, he deems it more important to ease the tax burden on residents, especially given the numerous complaints about the tax rates within town.

Under his proposed budget, the town would still reap around $10.3 million in taxes and the required road improvements and projects would still be completed by funds from a $3 million road bond.

The fiscal year begins on July 1st and the council will hold a public hearing and a vote on the final budget on June 22nd.

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  1. Yet, without the public works request, spending is up almost a million dollars from last year. A real tax break would result from a substantial reduction in spending not on reducing the tax rate by mere cents. The real issue here is SPENDING.

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