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Rockingham Board Considers Reopening Historic Hotel

Thinking of taking a trip down to Bellows Falls for a romantic weekend and enjoying the various activities in town? Well if you’re planning to do that in the future, you may have a new place to stay in that has plenty of history to tell. The historic Hotel Windham, built in 1932 and located right in the heart of the downtown at The Square may be getting a second lease on life through a revitalization, with a proposed feasibility study that hopes to energize the downtown and draw in economic development.

Minutes from the Selectboard’s most recent meeting say that the Revolving Loan Fund Committee had approved a $30,000 fund for Windham Development standing at 2 percent interest and will cover a feasibility study of the building.

The building was sold to the Windham Development Group in 2007 and pending approval, the second stage of the development would open a handful of apartments and 20 hotel rooms on the upper floors.

The feasibility study is estimated to cost $20,000 and will be completed by Stevens Associates, the same group that analyzed the proposed prison in town. The board will continue the discussion at their next regularly scheduled meeting.

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