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Displaced Motel Fire Victim Receives Fundraising Support

As if fire crews in our region didn’t already have their hands full with the many brush fires, Monday’s devastating fire at the Yankee Village Motel in Ascutney made headlines across the twin states and affected not just the owners, but some tenants of the motel.

Now, generous members of the community are reaching out to help one local man who lost it all in the fire that deemed the motel a complete loss. 54-year old William Tyler moved into the Yankee Village Motel a month ago after being hospitalized for pneumonia and Monday’s fire has left him without a home.

Tyler told The Valley News that he lost his medications, his clothing, and the ashes of his brother who died one year ago. Tyler stayed at the Shady Lawn Motel in Hartland and has since moved in with his daugher until May 2nd.

His other daughter has started a GoFundMe page to help him get back on his feet, which has garnered $105 in just one day. The cause of the fire was deemed accidental by authorities and was started by a child playing with a lighter behind the building that sparked a brush fire.

If you’d like to help out Tyler yourself, you can visit the GoFundMe page here.

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