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Auction Winner Fails to Close Deal on Historic Farmhouse

The winner of one of nine properties that were auctioned off by the City of Claremont was unable to close the deal by the deadline.

The property in question is the historic Colonial-era farmhouse located on 54 Windsor Road which sold for $82,000 in late March and was among eight other properties auctioned off by the city, including the former Goodwin Community Center on Broad Street.

The winner of the farmhouse was Northern Heritage Mills, a local educational non-profit, which hoped to transform the building into an education center and museum to inspire young women to take part in STEM, that being Science, Technology, Math, and Engineering.

Northern Heritage Mills had until April 22nd to close the deal and provide payment, but was unable to do so, according to Richard Sager of NH Tax Auctions, who held the auction on behalf of the city. The second highest bidder, Robert Connelly, with $81,000, has agreed to purchase the property and to close the deal this week.

The city has since returned the $8,200 deposit that Northern Heritage Mills put down on the purchase.

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