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Plainfield Restaurant Serves up Food for Body, Mind, & Soul

Anybody who’s a resident of Plainfield, New Hampshire knows that the little town isn’t known for food, with only two gas stations offering up any sort of eats. However, in November of last year, a restaurant opened up on 12A through the historic main drag, called The Olde Village Haunt, which offers up hearty food and drinks in a cozy atmosphere.

Now you may be thinking, does the name mean it’s actually haunted? We caught up with the owner recently to get some insight on why she opened a restaurant in the little town of Plainfield and if there really are spooks.

The owner, Priscilla Wheeler, says that she’s living her personal dream of owning a restaurant and is serving up “food for the body, mind, and soul.”

The Olde Village Haunt is open Friday, Saturday, 11 to 8 and Sunday for brunch. Be sure to stop in and grab a hearty meal this weekend in a historic building!

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