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Lebanon Approves Additional Funds for Sewer Project

The City of Lebanon has already put around 5 million dollars into its latest sewer project and just this week, has approved even more funds to go into the project. During Wednesday night’s city council meeting, The Valley News reports that the council approved an additional $1.7 million in funds for the sewer project on Route 120, bringing the total cost of the project up to a whopping $6.5 million.

What’s more is that the council didn’t approve the extra funds without reluctance, as the project’s total cost has tripled its original estimate of $2 million.

The work itself focuses on the busy Route 120 corridor, where 1.4 miles of sewer line will be replaced. City officials hope the money for the project will be paid for by ratepayers of the sewer service through a long-term bond. To date, the project has encountered some obstacles, including unforeseen dense rocks in the digging area.

Other developments on Route 120, including an apartment complex by ICV Holdings of New Hampshire, are awaiting completion of the line, as they would connect to it.

Even though the funds were approved, officials did not make it clear as to when the project would resume or when it would be completed.

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