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Claremont Man Pleads Guilty to Felony of Meth Manufacturing

An update on a story that we brought you on the first of this month involving a meth bust that occurred here in Claremont: 54-year old Bradley Ames was in court Thursday in Newport answering to the felony charge of conspiracy to manufacture methamphetamine after he was arrested on March 31st in the parking lot of Valley Regional Hospital.

Local police and the New Hampshire Attorney General’s Drug Task Force searched his home at 27 School Street and found materials that suggested Ames intended to manufacture meth, which included the chemical pseudoephedrine.

The drug is a decongestant which can treat stuffy noses or sinuses and acts as a stimulant precursor chemical in producing methamphetamine. Court records say that Ames waived his right to be indicted by a grand jury on the charge that carries 15-30 years in prison and a half million dollar fine.

As part of a plea deal, the state recommended that he spend one year in the county lockup, be under three years probation after release, and pay a $500 fine.

Ames remains behind bars and police are continuing to investigate the meth manufacturing operation, with their sights set on three to four other suspects.

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