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City Council Suspends New Lebanon City Manager

A developing story out of Lebanon as city councilors have suspended new City Manager Dennis Luttrell and are taking steps toward firing him. According to the Valley News, Luttrell was suspended with pay and benefits as the result of a performance review conducted on his behalf.

Mayor Georgia Tuttle also told the newspaper that the council is moving to fire the 65-year-old Massachusetts native.

Luttrell was sworn in this past August after receiving unanimous approval from the council to replace former city manager Greg Lewis. Luttrell’s contract came with an annual salary of $125,000 dollars, plus mileage reimbursement and $5,000 in moving expenses.

He was also issued a cellphone and provided cost-of-living raises – like other nonunion city employees.

According to the Valley News, Luttrell’s contract also included an annual review to be conducted by councilors between January 1st and March 1st.

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