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Wilmot Town Residents Convene at Annual Meeting

The residents and voters of Wilmot New Hampshire met Thursday night during their annual town meeting. Having voted for public officials on Tuesday, Thursday night saw voting on other matters within town.

To quickly wrap up Tuesday’s voting results for you, 316 voters from across the town cast ballots from 8 AM to 7 PM, defeating all three Zoning Ordinance Amendments and both electing and re-electing members to municipal positions, including town moderator and selectboard.

Thursday night, about 75 town residents attended the meeting at the Wilmot Town Hall and 24 Articles were passed with little deliberation, including the town budget of nearly 1.4 million dollars. We caught up Ann Davis, a Wilmot resident, and asked her to reflect on the significance of town meeting.

The meeting was moderated by Chuck Thompson, who also introduced Wilmot’s new Chief of Police, David Zuger.

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