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Lumber Company Fire Quickly Extinguished

In Springfield, New Hampshire, it took firefighters from several towns more than two hours to put out a dangerous blaze at a Lumber Company late last week near Interstate 89.

According to a report on the incident, Sunapee Fire Chief Dan Ruggles was working at the Durgin and Crowell Lumber Company shortly after 3 o’clock Thursday afternoon when a conveyor motor caught fire and spread to a nearby silo.

Crews from Springfield, New London, Sutton and Grantham quickly responded to the scene, and had all flames extinguished by 5:30 p.m.

Crews credit Ruggles for containing the blaze to a small area while waiting for crews to arrive. Authorities say a conveyor machine and motor were damaged as a result of the fire, though additional damage was minimal. The Durgin and Crowell Lumber Company was founded in 1976, and employs nearly 100 people from its Fishers Corner Road location.

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