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Claremont Tops List of “Best Places to Retire”

The city of Claremont received a welcomed nod of approval from a New York financial technology company earlier this month in being named the top place in New Hampshire to retire. Claremont ranked 14th in the Granite State in SmartAsset’s inaugural study last year, before jumping to the top spot in time for its second-annual study.

The study uses statistics on the number of doctor’s offices, recreation centers, retirement centers, and senior citizens in a given area – as well as tax rates – to determine a final rating for every town and city.

Claremont topped the list with a rating of 88.4, with Hanover – at 87.5 – and Exeter – at 87.3 – rounding out the top three.

Of the municipalities that ranked in the top 10, Hampton boasted the largest amount of senior citizens at slightly more than 17 percent. Claremont, on the other hand, was fourth in senior citizen population at 15.9 percent.

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