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Police Investigating Potential Suicide at Quechee Gorge

A developing story now as police in Vermont are investigating a potential suicide in the Quechee Gorge after a body was found Thursday morning. Major Brad Vail of the Hartford Police Department tells WCAX that he was driving by the bridge when he noticed an abandoned car.

Hartford police investigated the scene and found an unidentified body at the bottom of the gorge. Police are investigating the incident as likely a suicide, but have yet to officially consider it one.

The Quechee Gorge Bridge, which was designed in 1911 and sits 163 feet above the Ottauquechee River, is known for having seen numerous suicides during its existence, with a few incidents happening just last year.

In July, a Plymouth NH woman jumped to her death and Hartford man did the same in August.

Members of the public have called for higher fences or protective measures on the bridge, which have yet to be implemented. Most importantly, this potential suicide stresses the increase in the treatment of mental health, which is believed to be the leading cause of the suicides at the landmark bridge.

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