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Brattleboro Set to Reduce Curbside Garbage Collection

Residents of Brattleboro VT will have to hold onto their trash a little bit longer after the selectboard voted Tuesday night to reduce garbage collection to every other week.

This coming after a recent finding that Triple T Trucking Incorporated, the town’s garbage collector, has picked up only half the previous amount of trash from residents.

Brattleboro residents have reduced the amount of trash they leave on the curb from around 1000 tons to a little bit less than 500, meaning that the town will now save a pretty penny on garbage collection with the pickups happening every other week.

The new plan is set to begin in July, allowing about six months to test the efficiency of the new pickup schedule, which only affects the frequency of the pickups, not the type of the material.

Town Manager Peter Elwell told the Selectboard and members of the public that the town would revert to its weekly pickup plan if this one did not work out.

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