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Sheriff’s Department to Upgrade Fleet of Cruisers

The Sullivan County Sheriff’s Department is about to experience that new-car smell after permission was granted Monday to purchase seven new Chevy Impala cruisers.

The 2016 cruisers are identical to the vehicles currently being used by the department, but three years newer, meaning radio and other equipment will be easily transferable to the new cars.

Six of the seven cruisers will cost the county slightly below $20,000 dollars each, with the seventh – an unmarked vehicle to be driven by Sheriff John Simonds – coming in at a little over $19,000 dollars.

The new cruisers will be delivered to the department in July, with the old vehicles to be traded in at approximately $4,500 dollars a pop. It’s estimated the department’s current fleet will have amounted somewhere around 90,000 miles by the time they’re traded in.

The Sheriff’s proposal was presented to the Sullivan County Commissioners, and supported by the Executive Finance Committee of the County Delegation Monday afternoon.

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