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Newport Fire-EMS Responds to Keene Gas Incident

A local fire department responded to a scary scene in Keene this past weekend. The Newport Fire Department and EMS responded to a gas leak in Keene on Saturday, joining nearly almost 60 other departments from around New England.

Liberty Utilities says it detected a leak in its system around 9 AM on Saturday morning, after which calls came in to the Keene Fire Department about a carbon dioxide leak.

Keene sent an alert out to surrounding departments to aid on the scene, which is when Newport responded. Officials, including those from Newport, went door to door to make sure that Liberty Utilities customers were in all set in their homes.

Authorities say four people ended up in the hospital as a result of the carbon dioxide leak and two more people admitted themselves to the hospital after experiencing symptoms of exposure.

The emergency, which had reached a six-alarm alert, was deemed under control by around 2 AM on Sunday morning.

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